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Ours is an assorted array of steel equipments and kitchen paraphernalia whose design and material quality are exceptional. Mentioned below is a list of products we offer:
  • Steel Wares
  • Stainless Steel Utensils
  • Kitchen Equipments
  • Steel Kitchen Equipments
Advantages of Steel Utensils

Shree Ram Junawa Industries has been a pioneer in the domain whose steel offerings have amassed considerable acclaim for their build quality and reliability and have become a favorite of the masses. Mentioned below are a few advantages of bringing to use steel ware:

Steel is highly durable : When it comes to usage duration and longevity, no material even comes close to the durability of steel whose toughness and corrosion resistance are exemplary. Moreover, steel employed for making Kitchen Equipments, Steel Kitchen Equipments, etc is usually resistant to scratches and dents, preventing their appearance from taking a hit, and also steel can handle refrigeration as well as heating with equal ease.

Preservation of flavors: The pristine surface and innate ionic characteristics of steel prevents leaching of metallic residues into the the food being cooked, thus preventing the flavor from being changed or tampered with, as steel does not have a surface coating that can degenerate and come off into the food.

Uniform heat transfer : in case of supreme grade steel utensils like Kitchen Equipments, Steel Kitchen Equipments, etc, a base of copper or aluminum is brought to use to ensure that the heat is transferred evenly throughout the surface area, which translates into the uniform cooking texture of the cooked food, consequently, the taste is exceptional.

Aesthetics : The characteristic lustre and sheen that is a hallmark of steel tends to remain in the same state for a longer period of time and the mirror like surface finish is equally easy to restore after being soiled by just wiping it with soft hands using suitable washing liquids.

Stainless Steel is completely recyclable : one of the biggest advantage of stainless steel is that it is recyclable to an extent of 100% which makes it a greener and highly sustainable alternative as far as efficient management of resources and waste.

Stellar hardness and non-porosity : The relatively compact lattice structure of steel makes it crack and leak proof, which are the major reasons behind the exceptional durability and shelf life of steel.